Thursday, April 28, 2011

{通告} 韩国代购 Korea Shopping Spree

在这里报告一下:5/18 ~ 5/25 我会去一趟韩国
I'm going to Korea on 18th May to 25th May.

這次可以帮大家代買韩国的药妝產品 ,不過只限重量不重体积不大的小東西 (沐浴乳之类的请放过我吧!)
So there will be a shopping spree mainly on Korean cosmetics / skin care, preferly in small size ( No shampoo / body shower pls. :) )

Anything about Korean make up, or any other thing which is hard to get in Malaysia
因为有可能会刷卡,会有收续费。所以最后決定代买价格为商品韩币定價 X 0.004 (现在的汇率是0.003)
如例:韩币10,000 ==> 马币RM40
Might need to use credit card which will cost some fees, so the final price will be calculated based on 0.004
(The current currency is 0.003)
Example: Korean Won 10,000 ==> Malaysia Ringgit RM40

*总额超过韩币40,000 以上的会以0.0038计算 If the total is more than 40,000 korean won will be calculate based on 0.0038.

有需要的人可以email和我讲噢 !!!!!!
Please email me if you are interested in this spree

请确定需要的人email 給我 -->

( 注意 : 為避免搞混,请不要这里留言哈 )
Please do not leave comment here to avoid confusion.

Please include your name, contact number and the product link / photo for my reference.

回来後我和大家連絡,我会尽量附上收据显示代買金額 & 邮费(面交也可以,要看地点)
I will contact u when i come back, if possible will attach with the receipt to show the final figure and shall decide whether to deliver by pos / meet me

Attached herewith are some website for your reference, please compare the price in Korean won and Ringgit. Buy only if you think its cheaper.

我所知道的韩妆品牌(这里会不断更新)(Will keep on update)

1)Etude House -->

2) Banila Co -->

3) The Face Shop -->

4) The Skin Food -->

5) Laneige -->

6) Beauty Credit -->

7) Too Cool For School -->

8) Hanskin -->

9) Baviphat-->

10) Rojukiss-->

11) TonyMoly-->

p.s : 5/15我会这里公布名单和购买的item让大家做最后的确认!
By 15th May i will compile the list and do the final confirmation!

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